Coachella Prep #2

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A Place to Bury Strangers
if you like The Cure, and I do

Dear and the Headlights
Fun energetic guitar-centric indie rock. With a giant disco ball.


White Lies – guitar rock
James Morrison – neo-soul
The Bloody Beetroots – electro in wrestling masks
Zane Lowe – DJ. trance. big beat breaks. If you like Fatboy Slim.
Christopher Lawrence. DJ. Trance.


Drop The Lime
Dr. Dog – a bit psychedlic. group singing. acoustic piano. Sgt Pepper’s?
Ida Maria – screechy girl
Turbonegro – metal
The Gaslight Anthem – punk

Coachella Prep #1

A very quick listen generates a micro-review of these bands:

A Place to Bury Strangers
if you like The Cure, and I do

Alberta Cross
indie pop with almost country-ish bits?

Crystal Castles
catchy buzz 80s pop

Craze and Klever
DJ — Jungle-y

People Under the Stairs
Hip-hop duo with an acid jazz flava

Airborne Toxic Event
Jangly indie pop. Is it REM? Is it The National?

Peanut Butter Wolf
Eclectic scratchy indie hip-hop.

DJ/Producer: MIA, Santogold, diplo, Fabric London, Basement Jaxx, Hot Chip, etc.

Noah and the Whale
Indie folk rock from London
way mellow, almost somnolent
think Iron and Wine?

The Aggrolites
Ska (or what they call “dirty reggae”)

The Courteneers
More jangly indie-pop. Perfectly acceptable.

The Presets
Dance pop from Australia. Shiny Toy Guns with a bit more glam.

WGA strike and the value of TV networks


TV writers have yet to learn what all us tech-heads learned years ago. The if-you-build-it-they-will-come strategy only works for massively useful tools/utilities like search or maps or email or IM. It never works for entertainment. And certainly doesn’t work for video. Why do the writers think that all they have to do is add another few hundred professionally-produced boring videos to the web and they will get rich?

Producing a TV show for the web is not materially cheaper than producing it for TV.

There has never been a web-only hit show. Lonelygirl15? Are you kidding? Quarterlife? The only web video hits are Chocolate Rain and some talking cats and a few other castoffs from “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” There’s never been a hit web serial. And there’s never been a hit web show that get within shouting distance of the lowest-rated show on broadcast or cable TV.

And I think the reason is, you still need a network. There’s more to a network than a bunch of towers and frequencies. That’s why Yahoo is still in business. A network is a content platform and a social platform. There is value for a show to be a part of a well-programmed network. And nobody’s figured out how to program a web network yet.

More later. It’s Friday evening and I’m obviously crabby. But you get the point.

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Someday we will all use iphones


I’m a cynic, really. But this is one bandwagon I feel compelled to clamber aboard. One day soon, we will all use iphones. It’s over. Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Samsung, etc are doomed. Apple is the only company, the only place which can combine world-beating expertise in consumer electronics hardware design, manufacturing, distribution with a rich software platform, OS, tools, and apps. This device is a general-purpose computing platform with a phone in it. It is the only one that is vertically integrated. And that’s what makes it work.

Palm, Microsoft, Symbian, etc cannot control the hardware. And in consumer devices that vertical integration is essential. The iPhone proves it (also the XBOX). Maybe Microsoft could figure it out in 5 years. By then it will be too late.

P.S. Note that the same ex-Apple idiots who nearly killed Apple in the 90s performed the same stupid suicidal strategy on Palm– split the hardware and software. Geez, cause it worked so well for Microsoft in 1982 it must always be the winning strategy. Morons.