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Someday we will all use iphones


I’m a cynic, really. But this is one bandwagon I feel compelled to clamber aboard. One day soon, we will all use iphones. It’s over. Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Samsung, etc are doomed. Apple is the only company, the only place which can combine world-beating expertise in consumer electronics hardware design, manufacturing, distribution with a rich software platform, OS, tools, and apps. This device is a general-purpose computing platform with a phone in it. It is the only one that is vertically integrated. And that’s what makes it work.

Palm, Microsoft, Symbian, etc cannot control the hardware. And in consumer devices that vertical integration is essential. The iPhone proves it (also the XBOX). Maybe Microsoft could figure it out in 5 years. By then it will be too late.

P.S. Note that the same ex-Apple idiots who nearly killed Apple in the 90s performed the same stupid suicidal strategy on Palm– split the hardware and software. Geez, cause it worked so well for Microsoft in 1982 it must always be the winning strategy. Morons.

Consistency is a false god

Just wanted to post this as one of Hardie’s product design rules. Context is everything. If it makes sense in context, it’s right. Whether it is “consistent” with some other button or page or function or thing some other place in the product or in the world is less important. I’m not saying make things different for their own sake. I’m just saying design it for context. And if people can figure it out, done.

Google Cube?

Cringely, in his usual crackpot so-crazy-it-just-might-work way nails a strategy for Google to take over the world.

He’s pretty close to making sense. But what I can’t figure out is who will pay for the boxes? STB’s are subsidized by the cable provider. These little boxes can’t be manufactured for less. I mean, isn’t Microsoft losing money on xbox360 at $299? So what’s the consumer proposition for a Google Cube? And how would you get people to buy them?